After having developed and introduced in the market its one of a kind Vaginal Drug Delivery System (VDDS), BeyonDevices is now guaranteeing that its innovative Dry Powder Inhalator (DPI) has the same impact on the market as its VDDS, in that sense BeyonDevices attended to the most prestigious event on Respiratory Drug Delivery: RDD Europe 2013.

Beyondevices saw this event as a very important opportunity for networking and securing important bonds within the inhalation speciality. It is empirical for BeyonDevices to keep up with leading world class events and novelties regarding its area of activity. As planned, BeyonDevices is growing at a quick pace and is making itself being noticed among big players for its ground-breaking Drug Delivery Devices and Smart Packaging Solutions.

Beyondevices together with Qoplac, want to develop an Inhalator which increases patient compliance through the usage of electronic abilities that will interface likewise with patients and providers through a Universal communication platform. The advanced electronic hardware fits the DPI flawlessly and the goal is not merely to index Device usage but then again, in a second phase, facilitate communication with a Smart day-to-day App in a phone or tablet.

Having said this, BeyonDevices’ 3 piece plastic inhalermakes it very cost effective however its performance has continually been protected. Through in-house improvement and trials led by its associates, the DPI is completing outstanding initial performance outcomes both in capsule perforation as well as airflow dynamics. The goal is to obtain a completely functional inhaler by the 1st quarter of 2014. Nevertheless the procedure of incorporating electronic hardware to record device usage is moving onwards at a faster pace than anticipated.