Recently BeyonDevices was distinguished with the first prize for Healthcare Excellency at a contest organized by “DNA Cascais” a non-profit organization which aims to, contribute, using every adequate mean, for the promotion, incentive and development of entrepreneurship in general, especially focused on promoting social and young entrepreneurship in Cascais (Portugal). The contest in which BeyonDevices participated is purposed to promote and reward business Excellency and innovation.

After a careful examination, the judges selected 22 companies to pass to the final stages of the contest, among these 22 companies there were 3 companies which were applying to win the first prize in Healthcare, one them being, of course, BeyonDevices.

Each contestant had 5 minutes to expose his/her company in the best possible way. Filipe Serafim, BeyonDevice’s Marketing Manager was able to convince the group of judges, composed by specialists from different sectors that BeyonDevices was and is indeed the best Healthcare Start-up among the other contestants.

BeyonDevices is now gaining even more primacy within the Healthcare industry and it can proudly state that it has added another trophy to its “trophy box”.