Right after having been founded by Neutroplast, as a new spin-off, BeyonDevices quickly decided to hire a recent graduate directly from the most prestigious engineering university in Portugal, and one of the best in Europe: Instituto Superior Técnico. Consequently, Mafalda Manata Santos is now the new Assistant for Business & Market Development at BeyonDevices.

Mafalda studied biological engineering with the purpose of “improving people’s quality of life through technology” (Mafalda), this course is one of the most distinguished according to European standards and in that sense it has been reviewed and approved with the Eur-Ace label.

Following a summer internship at BeyonDevices, Mafalda was hired with the purpose of helping this brand new spin-off to build a base from which to start to market its brand as one of the most well-recognized and innovative companies in the field of device and project development. This requires the integration of different technologies and a profound knowledge of manufacturing expertise.

Currently Mafalda, along sides António Soares, a very experienced professional in the area of business development and innovation, are organizing all that is needed to employ the ISO 15378, the NP4457, at BeyonDevices in order to prepare the launch of BeyonDevices’ first product to enter the consumer market. This will be its new state of the art vaginal applicator for which BeyonDevices started to get pre-orders even before the applicator was ready to market.