BeyonDevices is a new company born of the experience acquired through Neutrodevices, a spin-off of Neutroplast, and other partners in the biotechnology and medical devices sector. BeyonDevices now offers new tools that enable it to maintain a stronger presence in the market by offering additional know-how to its customers in critical areas, such as in women’s health and inhalation devices.

BeyonDevices expects to bring an extended solution to the market, all the way from design through to industrialization. The company will offer this not only for the devices developed through NeutroDevices (where the firm launched its first device, a vaginal applicator), but also for products where the IP belongs to customers in the designated areas.

To forward that goal, BeyonDevices offers a comprehensive range of services, including creating smart packaging solutions, mould design, material selection, packaging design and development, product design and development, process development, tool management and testing and validation. Additionally, the company offers a diversity of capabilities with regard to medical technology or device design.