BeyonDevices as a HCPC guest to discuss ways to improve patient adherence through packaging.

António Ornelas Soares, BeyonDevice’s Business & Market Development Director brought with him a full range of new ideas and concepts after having participated as an invited industry expert at the HCPC’s Experts’ Round Table Discussion on Patients’ Adherence and Drug Packaging at the Hotel Villa de la Reina, at the same time that the CPhI Worlwide event was taking place at the Feria de Madrid.

Lack of patient’s adherence is currently an issue of extreme importance for the whole Health Value Chain, namely to the Pharma industry as it also can be for society and to national governments; when patients do not follow the appropriate therapeutic measures not only they worsen their health condition but also national healthcare institutions resources resulting in increasing extra costs.

During the meeting the participants brought up several ideas to address this problem and together reached the conclusion that even though the present health industry players gradually seems to differentiate the link involving adherence and possible monetary payback, corporations frequently do not know how to increase adherence. As a result, it is mandatory to emphasize that packaging symbolizes one significant panorama to improve adherence. Until this day packaging is mostly put apart, unconsidered neither as a means for communication with patients nor as an option to improve adherence. While some firms are already working on adherence-enhancing and other packaging characteristics, it is of extreme importance and urgency to introduce measures that increase awareness of this issue for the whole Pharmaceutical industry. Over and over again one has to underline that packaging is a way to transmit information and that it is a means to communicate with patients so as to assist adherence.


Antonio pointed out that as an experienced professional in patient adherence it would be for the best of HCPC to collaborate with other companies and institutions addressing the same issue in other segments in order to strengthen the idea that packaging is in fact a big player in patient adherence and at the same time the influence to address this issues placed by thw whole partners within the Pharmaceutical industry would be enhanced. An article about this reunion is sure to be published by HCPC at

BeyonDevices continuously works with the aim to improve compliance and patient adherence through packaging since its inception and all the way through the several development phases and is focused to lead the way in the Medical Device & Packaging Industries. With this we leave you with a little glimpse of what Beyondevices has accomplished in its little years of existence: